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ATE Insurance Policy for Flight Delay Compensation Claims

More and more people are becoming aware that they can claim up to €600 for flight delay compensation if their EU flight was delayed for 3 hours or more or cancelled.

Such claims are often resisted by airlines with them quoting various exceptional circumstances or simply refusing to pay passengers who attempt to claim flight delay compensation for themselves. This has given rise from a specialist band of solicitor firms such as Fairplane UK Limited who have created streamlined systems to enable flight delay compensation claims to be processed quickly and profitably.

Around 75% of all claims require proceedings to be issues, some of which can be subject to full adverse costs liabilities. We have worked with Fairplane UK Limited to develop an affordable ATE Insurance product which will protect clients from any disbursements or adverse costs risk when making flight delay compensation claims.

With prices from as low as £35+IPT, clients can now be fully protected and solicitors can fully comply with their SRA client care obligations.

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