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ATE Insurance Conditions

ATE Insurance Policy Conditions: Reasonable Prospects of Success

Most After the Event Insurance policies require a claim to have reasonable prospects of success at every stage. This normally means a better than 50/50 chance of winning although some ATE Insurance policies require prospects of success to exceed 60% or even 70%. This gives rise to problems:

  • Prospects of success vary throughout a claim.
  • Any assessment is subjective - there will be differing views.
  • Lots of additional liaison work is needed throughout a case.
  • ATE Insurers frequently assess prospects only once the case is lost and then refuse to pay claims on the grounds that the case had insufficient prospects.
  • If a claim becomes problematic, then cover may be cancelled, making it impossible to work towards a settlement.

Box Legal’s ClaimSafe After the Event insurance policy does not require any minimum prospects of success, so these disadvantages are avoided.

ATE Insurance Policy Condition: Reporting and Permissions

Some After the Event Insurance policies give the solicitor “delegated authority” to run their claims as they see fit, but many ATE Insurance policies require solicitors to:

  • Provide regular updates
  • Obtain Counsel’s opinion for the ATE insurer
  • Ask permission to proceed at key stages
  • Seek authority to incur disbursements
  • Ask the After the Event insurer to let them make or reject Part 36 offers
  • Co-operate in regular on-site file audits

The ClaimSafe ATE insurance policy does not normally contain any of these requirements.

Box legal are one of the foremost After The Event Insurance providers in the country. We have over 10 years of experience in the ATE Insurance industry and have arranged over 500,000 After The Event Insurance policies for over 250 firms in this time. We specialise in providing solicitors with After The Event Insurance products that are tailored to their needs. All of our After The Event Insurance policies can be cancelled at any time and reporting requirements are minimal. If you’re looking for reliable, cost effective After The Event Insurance, backed up with outstanding service, you’ve come to the right place. The links below provide access to details of our ATE Insurance products and services as well as some of our most popular After The Event Insurance advice pages.


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