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After The Event Insurance

After The Event Insurance

Origins of After The Event Insurance

After The Event Insurance began life as a specialised tool available for unusual risks. It developed into an integrated component of litigation management and has evolved to become an indispensable part of the personal injury and other claims processes. Much of this is due to the expanded use of No Win, No Fee agreements, as claimants increasingly expect to be able to pursue their claims without financial risk.


ClaimSafe After the Event Insurance

Box Legal's ClaimSafe ATE Insurance policy has an enviable pedigree and track record in this sector. Our ATE Insurance is tried and tested - upwards of 500,000 After the Event Insurance policies have been arranged for personal injury claimants and it is currently being used by over 250 firms. Our ATE Insurance has some of the most competitive ATE Insurance premiums on offer, combined with a generous indemnity limit which ensures full cover of risk together and the security of knowing that the ATE Insurance premium is good value for your client


What Does our After the Event Insurance Cover?

Our After The Event Insurance covers Part 36 offers and Appeals, yet its reporting requirements make it little different to a fully delegated authority, and the entire process from ATE Insurance policy request to claim notification can be dealt with online, right here at this website. Even better, we can integrate a number of leading Case Management Systems so that they seamlessly interact with us, allowing you to deal with all ATE Insurance policy procedures directly from your system.


How Much Does After the Event Insurance Cost?

Our ATE Insurance premiums are amongst the lowest in the market. Obviously, with all products, you get what you pay for. We offer extensive ATE Insurance cover for a very reasonable price. There are cheaper After the Event Insurance products out there but be warned, they won't cover your client properly. If it looks too good to be true then it probably is. Our After the Event Insurance is totally transparent. We publish our claim payment record (see below) and tell you what is and is not covered under the ATE insurance from the beginning so your client knows what they are getting.

Our ATE Insurance premiums start at £120 plus IPT for a straight forward Motor claim. Non-motor After the Event Insurance premiums are just £408 plus IPT.


How Easy is it to Apply for After the Event Insurance?

Once you are signed up to our ATE Insurance scheme, applying for After the Event insurance couldn't be easier. Simply log on to the secure section of our website and fill in the short form. Even if you can't type, the application form for our ATE insurance should only take you about 1 minute to complete. Once submitted, you will receive an emailed acknowledgement within 1 hour and the After the Event Insurance certificate within 24 hours.


Making a claim on After the Event Insurance

Of course, the true test of any ATE Insurance policy comes when you make a claim. We've included lots of information about this on this website, but some facts about our Claimsafe policy speak for themselves:

  • 97.1% of all claims made since 2004 have been paid in full
  • During the last 2 years, the average time from receipt of a claim form to dispatch of a cheque has been just 7 days


Cancelling After the Event Insurance Policies

Some ATE Insurers do not allow a client to cancel their ATE insurance policy once it has been taken out. At Box Legal, we feel this is a little unfair as a client may change their mind. Some clients also lose interest and so a solicitor may be left having to pay the After the Event Insurance premium.

We, therefore, allow all After the Event Insurance policies to be cancelled for a number of reasons including:

  • The client changes their mind about ATE Insurance cover within 14 days
  • The client fails to provide instructions to their solicitor and so their claim is abandoned
  • Prospects of success change so the claim is no longer likely to succeed yet no disbursements have been incurred
  • The client discovers they have alternative Legal Insurance through a Before the Event insurance policy which they decide to use.


ATE Insurance Support

Our unique position in the marketplace stems from our business being owned and staffed primarily by solicitors. They are the driving force behind ClaimSafe's ATE Insurance policy design, implementation, and operation.

This means that our team know not just about After the Event Insurance but what it is like to run a caseload and work in a firm of solicitors. We can, therefore, assist you with all aspects of claims and ATE insurance.



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