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Box Legal has an on-going Corporate Social Responsibility programme which is supported by the Founders and Directors, Simon Pinner and Daniel Morris.

Through this programme Box Legal offer financial support to various clients and contacts for their chosen local charities. All members of staff are encouraged to be environmentally friendly and with a strong case management system, we are a virtually paperless office.

Our CSR programme comprises the following:

  • The Orphan Trust
    The Orphan Trust is a charity founded by Daniel Morris (one of the directors of Box Legal) and his wife Mina. It also receives help and support from Box Legal Limited.

    The Orphan Trust seeks to assist the most underprivileged, marginalised and vulnerable members of our society. We aim to help and educate orphaned and homeless children in Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world.

    To find out more about the work of the Orphan Trust, please visit:please visit -
  • Charitable Contributions
    Box Legal is committed to giving financial support to those clients who have their own charities. Through our Premium Points Scheme we allow firms to make donations to chosen charities, in particular a charity close to one of our firm's hearts, Action Duchenne: For those interested in donating through this scheme, 100 premium points is equal to a £50 donation and 50 premium points is equal to a £25.00 donation.
  • Environmental Sustainability
    Box Legal encourages all staff to work in an environmentally friendly way. All staff have access to the Case Management system which can store all information, enabling staff to achieve a virtually a paperless future.

For more information regarding Box Legal's CSR Policy, please contact Kirsten Roberts on 0870 766 9958 or via email




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