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PPI Plevin Claims

PPI Plevin Claims

Summary Benefits

The After the Event Insurance policy for PPI Plevin claims is offered as a single monetary premium for all PPI Plevin cases.

The ATE Insurance policies have been designed to be flexible and competitively priced and our policies are also now available with disbursement and WIP funding if required.

PPI cases and PPI Plevin cases tend to move quickly. We have systems in place to allow you to get a policy on cover in a short space of time and to cancel within 14 days should your client change their mind about needing a policy.  As we offer a scheme that requires very little in the way of reporting, once the case is on cover, you can concentrate on the important part of settling the case.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of our ATE Insurance for Plevin Claims

  • We arrange a one price After the Event Insurance premium for PPI Plevin cases which means your client knows at the start of the case exactly what the premium will be
  • The ATE Insurance Premiums we arrange are fixed but should you wish to consider an alternative premium structure we would be happy to discuss this
  • Should you wish to consider funding your PPI Plevin cases, we are able to put you in touch with funders who can discuss this option with you
  • Applying for ATE Cover is easy. It may be possible for us to integrate with your case management system allowing you to import your requests electronically. Alternatively, you can simply login to our website.  It takes minutes to complete
  • Reporting requirements are minimal, there is only one thing to report on to the insurer during the lifetime of the ATE Insurance policy, and that is if you issue proceedings
  • Claims are processed by the insurer and usually paid within 7 days.
  • All of our After the Event Insurance policies are cancellable in many circumstances with nothing to pay
  • A significant bonus for PPI Plevin clients is that many of the After the Event Insurance policies come with a minimum payment guarantee of £1000. If your client wins but gets less than £1000, the insurer will make up the difference!

We understand After the Event Insurance and PPI Plevin Claims

We pride ourselves in having a strong legal team who have many years of claims handling experience between them. Many of them have worked in private practice as some point in their careers. If you do need to speak to them about ATE Insurance or a case, they will be able to speak your language which is always a bonus.

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