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ATE Insurance for Non-Motor claims

ATE Insurance for Non-Motor claims

Summary Benefits

The After the Event Insurance policy for Non-Motor claims can be used for Accidents at Work, Slips & Trips, Occupiers Liability Claims, Product Liability and even claims involving Animals.

The ATE Insurance policies have been designed to be flexible, competitively priced yet comprehensive to deal with a wide range of accident circumstances.

We are of the view that a solicitor is best placed to determine whether or not a claim has sufficient prospects of success to proceed. We therefore arrange ATE Insurance on the assumption that the solicitor would only be taking on a claims and risk working for nothing under a CFA if they considered that the claim was worth pursuing.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of our ATE Insurance for Non Motor Claims

    • We arrange After the Event Insurance premiums for Accidents at Work, Slips & Trips, Occupiers Liability claims, Product Liability Claims and Injuries caused by animals.
      • The ATE Insurance Premiums we arrange are fixed but we can also offer Portal Staged pricing and even an After the Event Insurance premium based on a percentage of damages obtained.
        • The ATE Insurance Premium is only payable when the client receives their damages. If no damages are obtained, the ATE premium does not have to be paid.
          • Applying for ATE Cover is easy. Simply use our dedicated secure on-line system. It should take just 2 minutes to complete. Alternatively, if you have a case management system, we can import automatic requests electronically and send them to the insurer.
            • We don't believe in making things difficult for solicitors so there is only one thing to report on to the insurer during the lifetime of the ATE Insurance policy, and that is if you issue proceedings
                  • All correctly completed claims on ATE Insurance forms are processed by the insurer and normally paid within 7 days.
                    • All of our After the Event Insurance policies can be cancelled in many circumstances with nothing to pay
                      • As a bonus for clients, many of the After the Event Insurance policies come with a minimum payment guarantee of £1000. If your client wins but gets less than £1000, the insurer will make up the difference!
                            • Full Part 36 cover - the ClaimSafe ATE Insurance policies ensure that clients receive all of their damages. There should never be any reduction due to adverse costs.


                              We understand After the Event Insurance and Non-Motor Claims

                              Our legal team have many years of claims handling experience between them. In former lives, they were in private practice so if you call up and want to talk about ATE Insurance or about a case they will be able to speak your language, which helps don't you think?

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