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ATE Insurance Top Up Policies

ATE Insurance Top Up Policies

Summary Benefits

The ClaimSafe policy now offers Top-Up After The Event Insurance policies for our panel members.

Sometimes a case is taken on and £25,000 of After the Event Insurance Cover seems plenty but then things get complicated and costs stack up. The insurer can now assess these cases on an individual basis and provide quotes to extend your client’s ATE Insurance indemnity cover.

This facility is available for existing ClaimSafe ATE Insurance policies but also non-ClaimSafe After the Event insurance policies that have run out. We can even arrange top-up cover for Before the Event insurance (BTE) products.

To find out more about this simple ATE Insurance product and why we are already arranging After The Event Insurance to over 200 law firms in the UK, call us on 0870 766 997 or send us a email via the contact form on this website.


Key Benefits

Key Benefits of the ClaimSafe ATE Insurance Top-Up product

  • Simple competitive non-staged After the Event Insurance premiums
  • Short On-line request form for all ATE Insurance
  • Assessment and decision within 24 hours
  • No application fees
  • No requirement to forward file of papers
  • Claims normally paid quickly and in full
  • Straightforward cancellations
  • Premium deferred to end of case
  • Part 36 cover as standard on all of our After the Event Insurance


Minimal Reporting

You normally only need to tell us when you win, lose or are issuing proceedings. And you do it with just the click of an online button - or let us set up your case management system to do it for you automatically. So that’s it - there’s nothing else to report to the insurer.

Probably the quickest ATE scheme to use, freeing up you and your fee earners to concentrate on what you do best, handling files.


Claims Paid Quickly and in Full

For every claim on the ClaimSafe ATE policy, we log the date we receive it and the date of the settlement cheque. Then we take an average. For recent years it’s 7 days. That's better than average.

Plus 97.1% of all claims made in recent years were paid by the insurer in full.


Straightforward ATE Cancellations

Our After the Event Insurance can be cancelled without charge in many circumstances. Typical reasons are:

  • The client ceases to provide instructions
  • You believe the claim is unlikely to succeed

This means that there is no risk that you or your client will ever have to pay the ATE insurance premium, should it no longer be required.


Part 36 Cover as Standard on all After the Event Insurance

If you fail to beat a Part 36 offer, your disbursements and all adverse costs are paid in full by our After the Event insurance policy (instead of being deducted from your own costs). And there’s no need to liaise with us before you make, reject or accept a Part 36 offer – that’s a decision only for you and your client.

Not many Top Up ATE insurance policies offer such great cover with you staying in charge of all decisions, check the terms and conditions of yours now to see if they match this.


We Speak Your Language

Our two directors, Simon and Daniel qualified as solicitors in 1981 and 1993 and for many years ran one of the largest Personal Injury departments in the country. We also have other experienced solicitors on our team. When you telephone us, you can ask to speak to our solicitors who will be familiar with complex personal injury claims.

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