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ATE for Holiday Sickness Claims

ATE for Holiday Sickness Claims

Summary Benefits

We now arrange After The Event Insurance policies for Holiday Sickness claims. This is a specific policy that has been created by the insurer for this area.

As always with ATE Insurance policies arranged by Box Legal, it has been designed to be customisable, flexible, competitively priced and with an indemnity to ensure a maximum amount of cover for these claims.

We are aware that Holiday Sickness claims are often not straightforward and do incur disbursements. An After The Event Insurance policy is therefore vital to ensure your client is completely covered and you the solicitor never make a loss.

Key Benefits

Key benefits of our ATE Insurance for Holiday Sickness claims

  • We discuss tailor made options specifically for your firm. We discuss your needs and your clients needs and arrange for the insurer to provide you with details of a premium and indemnity to suit you.
  • The ATE Insurance premiums are fixed for this area. You pay one amount regardless of what happens in the case.
  • The ATE Insurance premium is only payable when the client receives their damages. If no damages are obtained, the ATE premium does not have to be paid.
  • Applying for ATE cover is easy. We have a dedicated on-line system which requires minimal administration. We are also able to integrate with proclaim, which means that your request for policy cover can be made at the touch of a button.
  • The insurer normally pays all claims in full within 7 days.
  • All of these After the Event Insurance policies are cancellable in many circumstances with nothing to pay.

For more information about these Holiday Sickness policies, premiums and the benefits, call us now on 0870 766 9997 or contact Kirsten Roberts by email

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