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Data Protection Breach Claims

Data Protection Breach Claims

Summary Benefits

We now arrange After The Event Insurance for for the rising number of people claiming for data breaches.

Your clients have a right to make a claim for a data protection breach if they believe their personal data has been misused or lost, or the company holding the data has been hacked due to inadequate security measures. With so much detailed data and information being stored by many companies, these breaches are becoming more common and more intrusive than ever.  

We support solicitors taking action against these companies with our comprehensive Data Protection Breach ATE Insurance policy.


Key Benefits

Key Benefits of the Data Protection Breach Insurance Product:

Data Protection Breach insurance provides the following significant benefits:

  • ATE premiums which are staged dependant on expected damages and have been researched to ensure they are amongst the cheapest in the ATE Insurance marketplace
  • ATE Premiums deferred to the end of the claim and recoverable from Defendant
  • Simple application procedure - similar to delegated authority
  • Normally no reporting to the insurer apart from when proceedings are issued
  • Claims on the ATE policy are normally paid quickly (average 7 days)
  • Insurer permits straightforward cancellations


We Speak Your Language

The majority of our team are lawyers who have run a variety of claims in the past. You can be confident when you call that someone who understands your ATE Insurance needs will be available to discuss your enquiry.


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