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ATE for Financial Mis-Selling

ATE for Financial Mis-Selling

Summary Benefits

We can now arrange After the Event Insurance for Financial Mis-selling claims.

ClaimSafe After the Event Insurance for Financial Mis-selling claims are not automatically available for purchase. They are available only to solicitor departments where a reasonable volume of cases is available to insure each year. We would be delighted to discuss this product with you so please do give us a call.

As with all the ATE policies we arrange, tailor made premium structures are available.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of the ClaimSafe Financial MIs-Selling Policies.

  • The ATE Insurance Premium is only payable when the client receives their damages. If no damages are obtained, the ATE premium does not have to be paid.
  • The ClaimSafe scheme involves minimal administration scheme and our dedicated secure online system is extremely easy to use and takes just 2 minutes to complete. We also integrate with many case management systems.
  • There is only one thing to report on to the insurer during the lifetime of the ATE Insurance policy, and that is if you issue proceedings. You don't have to ask the insurer for permission, this is simply a "tick box exercise".
  • The insurer normally pays claims within 7 days.
  • All of the After the Event Insurance policies are cancellable in many circumstances with nothing to pay

We understand Financial Mis-Selling Claims

We have an excellent legal team with many years of both claims handling and legal experience. In former lives, they were in private practice so, when calling, you know they will be able to speak your language, always a good thing!

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