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ATE for Industrial Disease

ATE for Industrial Disease

Summary Benefits

We arrange After The Event Insurance policies for all Industrial Disease claims.

ClaimSafe ATE Insurance policies for Industrial Disease are straightforward and are still similar to delegated authority for the Solicitor, with minimal administration. The ClaimSafe Industrial Disease ATE policies fall into two categories. First, a Low level premium charged by the insurer if damages of £10,000 or below are recovered. This could be suitable for straightforward hearing-loss claims involving only a modest loss of hearing. Second, a high-level premium, if damages above £10,000 are recovered. As with all the ClaimSafe ATE Insurance policies, we can arrange a number of premium structures to ensure your client always gets the best deal.

Please note that unlike our other policies, Industrial Disease are not automatically available for purchase by ClaimSafe panel members. They are available only to solicitors who have departments specialising in these types of claims and/or where a reasonable volume of cases is available to insure each year. We cover all areas of industrial disease including:

Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, Cancer, Pleural plaques, Occupational Asthma, Bronchopulmonary diseases, Caisson’s Disease Cancers, Chromium Poisoning, Epicondylitis, Environmental Sensitivity, Farmer’s Lung, Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Industrial fatigue, Keratitis, Lyme Disease, Leukaemia and Lymphoma, Musculoskeletal disorders, Neurological disorders, Optical, Organophosphate Poisoning, Pneumoconioses, Q Fever, Respiratory diseases, Skin diseases, Acute and Chronic Silicosis, Tendonitis, Urticaria, Vibration, Viral Hepatitis and  Weill's disease

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of the ClaimSafe ATE policy for Industrial Disease Claims:

      • Deferred ATE Insurance premiums
            • A range of ATE Insurance premium pricing structures to choose from
                  • No fees when applying for ATE cover
                              • Policy Request and other reporting usually needs minimal administration
                                          • All valid claims normally paid by the insurer within 7 days
                                                • Cancellation of the ATE Insurance policy is available in many circumstances
                                                      • Full Part 36 cover including a minimum payment guarantee of £1000


                                                            We understand Industrial Disease claims & ATE Insurance

                                                            Many members of our legal team are former practitioners, so there will always be someone knowledgeble available, with whom you can discuss your case. For more information on After the Event Insurance for Industrial Disease, contact us now.

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