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Our After The Event Insurance scheme has been designed to benefit case management companies as well as solicitors.

If you are a work referrer looking to start a relationship with an ATE Insurance provider, you will of course want to pick a scheme that solicitors find quick and easy to administer and therefore encourages them to use your services.

Our ATE Insurance scheme focuses on reducing the hassle of long application forms, file reporting and audits.

It will also give your clients excellent protection, allowing you to offer them a service that is value for money and also risk free.

We have over 200 firms of solicitors already signed up, and also provide services to many claims management companies.

Joining is easy. We always recommend meeting up so that one of our team can fully explain our ATE Insurance products and go through the contractual details with you. We will leave contracts with you to consider in your own time and you simply need to sign and return the agreements when you are ready to proceed. We will then visit each of your firms individually to explain the scheme in full and to get contracts signed. It couldn’t be easier.

We're confident we’ve developed the best and easiest to administer After The Event Insurance product on the market. We call it ClaimSafe.

If you’re interested to find out more, why not get in touch and ask about a free consultation. Call us on 0870 766 9997 or email

The benefits of using ClaimSafe After The Event Insurance

The benefits of joining our After the Event Insurance scheme are many. Here are just some of the reasons why we think you’ll enjoy working with us:


Happy clients

We believe that it should be the solicitor who is in control of the claim, rather than being dictated to by the underwriter.

The ClaimSafe ATE insurance scheme allows the solicitor and client to stay in charge of all decisions. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever have to deal with a client complaining that an ATE insurer will not give them permission to issue proceedings or insisting they accept a low offer.


Check policy status online

Quickly and easily check the status of all ATE insurance policies arranged by your solicitors (where you have been listed as the work referrer), via our secure website.

Our simple to use “Autoview” system allows you to search by client or firm name. You can even choose to simply pull up all policies on which you are listed as the referrer.


Regular updates

We will contact you by email whenever we receive news from a solicitor that the status of one of your policies has been updated, e.g. a case has been won/premium paid.


Claims Paid Quickly and in full

Over the last 2 years we’ve paid claims out on average by 6.9 days from the date it was submitted. That’s probably a lot faster than you expected!

97.1% of all claims made between January 2010 and June 2011 were paid in full.


Straightforward Cancellations

If the ATE Insurance Policy is no longer need, the Policy can be cancelled at any time (even when negotiating costs) without charge, giving your clients a completely free service.

Typical reasons for cancelling a policy might be:

  1. The client ceases to provide instructions
  2. You believe the claim is unlikely to succeed
  3. You discover the client has a BTE insurance policy


Part 36 Cover as Standard on all ATE Insurance policies

If your client fails to beat a Part 36 offer, their disbursements and all adverse costs are paid in full, instead of being deducted from their damages or from your solicitor’s costs.

And there’s no need for your solicitor to liaise with us before they make, reject or accept a Part 36 offer – that’s a decision just for your solicitor and your client.

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