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Box legal are one of the foremost After The Event Insurance providers in the country. We have close to 20 years of experience in the ATE Insurance industry and have arranged just over 650,000 After The Event Insurance policies for over 250 firms in this time. We specialise in providing solicitors with After The Event Insurance products that are tailored to their needs. All of our After The Event Insurance policies can be cancelled at any time and reporting requirements are minimal. If you’re looking for reliable, cost effective After The Event Insurance, backed up with outstanding service, you’ve come to the right place. The links below provide access to details of our ATE Insurance products and services as well as some of our most popular After The Event Insurance advice pages.

Our ATE Products

Clinical & Dental Negligence
ATE Insurance for Clinical & Dental Negligence Claims.Our policies are unique - no application fee or long forms to complete. You can be covered in minutes.
Housing Disrepair
The Housing Disrepair policy can be used for small, fast or multi-track claims, and covers claims for disrepair, dilapidation or neglect of any residential a dwelling and any related claim for personal injury.
Financial Mis-Selling Claims
We can provide After the Event Insurance cover for all types of Financial Mis-Selling claims including wrongly sold interest-only mortgages, undisclosed commission ‘Plevin’ cases, payday loan claims, car finance and solar panel financing to name just a few.
After the Event Insurance for RTAs
After the Event Insurance for RTA claims.We provide cheap and flexible ATE cover for hundreds of RTA accidents every day.
ATE Insurance for Non-Motor Claims
After The Event Insurance for Accidents at Work, Slips & Trips & more.We specialise in offering bespoke good value ATE solutions.
ATE for Contentious Probate
We can now arrange After the Event Insurance for Contentious Probate claims, providing your clients with security at a time of potential great pressure.

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Our Services

Our Services
With close to 20 years’ experience solely in the After the Event insurance market, we like to believe we know what we are talking about. To produce an ATE product solicitors can trust and will want to use, you need a solicitor to create it. That’s what we did. We, as lawyers, developed a product to support you rather than one that hinders or delays your case. We insist on the premiums we source being competitive and we employ a legal team that actually has legal experience - for any questions you may have… but the real beauty is you don’t have to discuss anything with us, as all decisions are yours……oh, and claims are paid, normally in full, in an average of 7 days. What more are you looking for? Give us a call.

What makes us so special
We offer After the Event insurance for a wide variety of claims and if you have an area of law in which we don’t offer it already, we will work with you to try and develop a policy. After close to 20 years in this market, we continue to offer a simple product with no unnecessary administration. That’s why, no matter what your case is – whether it be clinical negligence or a straight forward RTA, you can rest assured the time taken to get the case on cover will be the same. You will find our premiums competitive and there are a number of options to choose from to ensure your client receives the best possible price. Whether you are a sole practitioner with a mixture of 10 personal injury cases a month, or a large full service law firm looking to cover 3,000 Housing Disrepair cases a month, we can help. To learn more about our services go to ClaimSafe

Answers to all your ATE Insurance related questions
For more information, please visit our FAQ section.
After The Event Insurance is a specialist type of legal insurance that covers a Solicitor’s client's legal costs in the event that their case is unsuccessful.

Our ClaimSafe policy will insure all of the Solicitor's clients' disbursements, including the ATE insurance premium, Counsel’s fees, and the Defendant’s costs and disbursements (or ‘adverse costs’), where applicable.

Read more about ATE Insurance here
As with all types of insurance, the insured party is required to pay a premium. We offer a variety of ATE premiums which are linked to the extent of financial cover required and the type of dispute involved.

To find out more about the cost of our ATE Insurance, please get in touch directly so that we can discuss your specific needs.
Our ATE premiums are normally deferred and are contingent upon success. This means that the policyholder only pays the premium at the end of the case and only if the case is successful.
There is no premium to pay if the case is ultimately unsuccessful. Read more about paying for ATE Insurance here
ATE insurance is available for all types of cases except family law, criminal cases and employment tribunal claims.

Take a look at the ATE Products section of our website to see the full list.
No, it’s completely free, but we do ask that firms become panel members and issue a minimum of around 10 ATE policies a month.

If you’re interested in becoming a panel member, simply complete our short New Firm Enquiry form here and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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