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ATE for Dental Negligence

ATE for Dental Negligence

Summary Benefits

We arrange After The Event Insurance for all levels of Dental Negligence Claims.

We arrange two After the Event Insurance policies for every Dental Negligence claim; one which is recoverable and a second which is the client’s responsibility.


Key Benefits

Key Benefits of the ClaimSafe Dental ATE Insurance Product:

    • Dual policies – Recoverable ATE Insurance cover for investigation costs plus a low staged percentage premium for the rest of the case including trial
      • Staged client ATE premiums which are the cheapest in the After the Event Insurance in the marketplace
        • Both recoverable and client ATE Insurance policy premiums are deferred to the end of the claim
          • No fee is payable to apply for ATE Insurance cover
            • Fast application procedure ( similar to delegated authority)
              • You only need to report one thing: when you issue proceedings. No permission it issue required.
                  • Claims on the ATE Insurance policies are normally paid quickly – the insurer's average is 7 days
                    • Straightforward cancellations permitted


                    We Speak Your Language

                    Most of our team are qualified solicitors who have run clinical and personal injury claims in their former lives. When you call with a query about After the Event Insurance, they will be able to understand what you are talking about!

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