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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

At Box Legal we pride ourselves on being good communicators. We’re always available to speak on the phone and you can also contact us via email or by using the Live Chat facility; available by clicking on the blue tab in the bottom right hand corner of each page of this website.

From time to time, we may suggest that we have an online meeting. We recommend using a piece of software called TeamViewer. It’s not always convenient to meet face-to-face, but using TeamViewer we can present our products and services on screen to you and your colleagues collectively.

This is a piece of third party software that is free to use when you're participating in an online meeting organised by a TeamViewer license holder...which we are!


You can get an overview of the software here on the TeamViewer website -

Downloading TeamViewer

The version of the software that we recommend you use is available to download directly from the following links. Please note, once you click on these links, the software will begin to download immediately.

TeamViewer for PC

TeamViewer for MAC


    As this is third party software, you must take full responsibility for itsdownload and installation as well as its ongoing maintenance. We highly recommend that you seek the assistance of your IT department on these matters and contact TeamViewer directly should you have specific questions about the use of their software.

    Please note, Teamviewer is free for non-commercial use and for anyone attending a meeting organised by a license holder.

    Anyone wishing to use Teamviewer for commercial purposes (including organising their own meetings) must first purchase the required license -



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