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ATE for Housing Disrepair

ATE for Housing Disrepair

Summary Benefits

We now arrange After the Event Insurance Policies for Housing Disrepair claims.

Our Housing Disrepair policies can be used for small, fast or multi-track claims, and they cover claims for disrepair, dilapidation or neglect of any residential dwelling and any related claim for personal injury, provided there is an element of compensation to be paid to the claimant.

Key Benefits

Premium Structure

We generally set up our Housing Disrepair ATE policies with a fixed premium. The premium is a single monetary sum which remains unchanged throughout the claim irrespective of how long the claim takes or the stage at which the case concludes. We are however able to be flexible and would look at a staged or percentage premium scheme for firms.

There are many benefits to our Housing Disrepair policies. These include

  • Standard cover of £25,000 for all disbursements and adverse costs
  • Easy policy requests via our secure website or your case management system. Requests for Bespoke or Top up policies can also be made via our website.
  • A number of grounds on which a policy can be cancelled. This flexibility is designed to provide you with reassurance that your client will not need to pay for a policy which is not required.
  • Payment of the premium is deferred until the end of the case.
  • Very little administration and reporting requirements throughout the lifetime of the claim
  • The insurer will normally pay all claims in full within 7 days.

For more information about our Housing Disrepair policies and premiums as well as their benefits, call us now on 

0870 766 9997 or contact Kirsten Roberts by email

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