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After The Event Insurance

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ClaimSafe ATE Insurance

The benefits of the ClaimSafe ATE Insurance scheme include:

  • Simple low After the Event Insurance premiums
  • On-line ATE Insurance policy requests
  • Minimal reporting
  • Normally no “reasonable prospects” test in any of our ATE Insurance products
  • Claims on ATE Insurance policies normally paid quickly and in full
  • Straightforward cancellations
  • Part 36 cover as standard on every After the Event Insurance policy
  • Free integration with your case management system
  • We speak your language

Simple low After the Event Insurance Premiums

Our ATE Insurance Policies cover your disbursements and all sums awarded against your client.

There are three simple types of policy:

Motor claims
Non-motor claims
Industrial Disease

A standard indemnity of £25,000, with enhanced ATE Insurance policies of £125,000 indemnity if needed.

Single ATE Insurance premiums fixed at the outset (not staged) so they never need to be re-assessed or increased. No additional interest or administration fee of any kind. Staged ATE Insurance premiums are also available however.

The ATE insurance premiums we source are the lowest on the market - and you don’t just have to take our word for it!

The Law Society's 'Litigation Funding' magazine publishes details of After The Event insurance premiums quoted by all of the major insurers, including ours - the premium levels speak for themselves.

On-line ATE Insurance Policy Requests and Information

Request any ATE Insurance policiy from our website using a single page ATE Insurance policy request screen. Access all ATE Insurance policy data and make any changes by logging in to our Secure Client Area.

Minimal Reporting

You normally only need to tell us when you win, lose or are issuing proceedings. And you do it with just the click of an online button - or let us set up your case management system to do it for you automatically. So that’s it - there’s nothing else to report to the insurer.

Probably the quickest After The Event insurance scheme to use, freeing up you and your fee earners to concentrate on what you do best, handling files.

No “Reasonable Prospects” Test

Demanding that a case always has reasonable prospects is just an excuse not to pay when you make a claim, so the insurer removed it from the ClaimSafe policy in virtually all circumstances. If you are spending your valuable time on a case, the policy will support your decisions. Not much different from if you had a delegated authority.

Claims Paid Quickly and in Full

For every claim on the ClaimSafe ATE policy, we log the date we receive it and the date of the settlement cheque. Then we take an average. For recent years it's 7 days. That’s better than average.

Plus 97.1% of all claims made in recent years were paid by the insurer in full.

Straightforward Cancellations

If the ATE Policy premium is no longer needed, you can cancel the ATE Policy for many reasons without charge. Typical reasons are:

  • The client ceases to provide instructions
  • You believe the claim is unlikely to succeed
  • You discover the client has a BTE insurance policy which they are using

This means that there is no risk that you or your client will ever have to pay the ATE insurance premium unless their claim is successful.

Part 36 Cover as standad on all After the Event Insurance

If you fail to beat a Part 36 offer, your disbursements and all adverse costs are paid in full (instead of being deducted from your own costs). And there’s no need to liaise with us before you make, reject or accept a Part 36 offer – that’s a decision only for you and your client.

Not many ATE insurance policies offer such great cover with you staying in charge of all decisions, check the terms and conditions of yours now to see if they match this.

Free Integration with Your Case Management System

Even easier than our website. For most systems we can set up your department so you can request an ATE Insurance policy directly from your Case Management System at the push of a button. For Proclaim users (Eclipse Legal Systems) we can go even further and fully integrate all policy procedures. All done by us for free.

We Speak Your Language

Our two founding directors, Simon and Daniel qualified as solicitors in 1981 and 1993 and for many years ran one of the largest Personal Injury departments in the country. When you telephone us, you will only ever speak to a solicitor of at least 10 years seniority, who all have a great understanding of After The Event Insurance, unless you are lucky enough to speak to our Director and Head of Marketing, Kirsten, who joined us straight from her senior position at Pannone LLP.

Box legal are one of the foremost After The Event Insurance providers in the country. We have over 10 years of experience in the ATE Insurance industry and have arranged over 500,000 After The Event Insurance policies for over 250 firms in this time. We specialise in providing solicitors with After The Event Insurance products that are tailored to their needs. All of our After The Event Insurance policies can be cancelled at any time and reporting requirements are minimal. If you’re looking for reliable, cost effective After The Event Insurance, backed up with outstanding service, you’ve come to the right place. The links below provide access to details of our ATE Insurance products and services as well as some of our most popular After The Event Insurance advice pages.


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