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Anyone for Tennis (or ATE Insurance)?

I have just realised that it has been a week since my last posting. It has been really busy here with new sign ups and policies. Contrary to popular belief, I do have other things to do at work - not just ranting away on-line.

Looks like Jaggards have been very busy as well - no explanation from them yet as to how costs can be increasing....

So what's the subject for today? Well, as the tennis is on, I thought it could be something to do with that. I used to live in Wimbledon and was there for nearly 3 years (if truth be told it was in a flat about 20 mins walk outside the main town - more like Merton, but you know how it is). Each time the tennis came along I thought - I know, I will queue up and watch a match or two. You know what? I never got around to it. I always thought there would be next year and the queueing put me off a bit. So now here I am in North London and even more put off attending. I really can't face the district line (they seem only to have about 3 trains) and what would we do with the kids? More hurdles so less incentive to go. And it is so much easier watching it erm at my desk on iPlayer (don't tell the boss I said that).

Here's a thought. If only we could make our After the Event Insurance like the iPlayer. No queuing, no long forms, no er, district line (you get the idea). What we need is a click and insure product available from the desktop so that people aren't put off by the admin and hassle.

Well that's exactly what we have got. Our insurance takes 30 seconds to apply for and the only reporting we need solicitors to do is tell when they issue proceedings. Very easy. What's more, if the solicitor uses a case management system (for example Proclaim), it can link with our website which means firms don't even need to fill in the form. Insuring a case is just two button clicks. And guess what? We are only a few weeks from launching our new website which will make things even easier.

No sleeping overnight in tents with our products.

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