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It was very kind of Kirsten to praise my blogs and indeed to hold the fort most impresively whilst I have been away. In actual fact, I could have probably managed the odd blog from the beach but I have to say it was nice not to have to think of a topic and link it to After the Event insurance for a change.

So with my creative juices re er, juiced (?) what will be the topic for today? Well, for a breath of fresh air, I won't be mentioning ATE insurance (apart from saying I won't be mentioning it - and the reference above of course).

I thought I would talk about my holiday. N0 - not a blog's equivalent of getting the family to sit through a slide show of yet another picture of someone pointing at something - but a bit of a personal reflective and to gain some perspective.

We went to Mauritius. If you haven't ever been then be warned - it is a long way away but well worth the trip. The weather was good but they are having their winter at the moment which ironically is the same as our summer. Nice but we are not talking Mediterranean weather - sort of Goldilocks temperature.

Great hotel - very luxurious villa with our own heated pool! The kids loved it and their swimming improved no end.

Great food - long leisurely breakfasts followed by building sandcastles on the beach. Brilliant.

We had day trips out - a crocodile park and one where there were giant tortoises the children could ride on - I kid you not.

Also there was a tour of the south of the island -the sugar beet and tea plantations as well as the gorges and waterfalls. It is a beautiful place.

So what was the best bit for me? Well - none of the above.

There was an iPod dock in our villa. One evening, we came home after dinner and I popped my iPhone in the dock and put some music on. I will never forget it. The children just started dancing and my wife and I danced with them. It was magical. We could have been anywhere and for half an hour nothing mattered.

When you work hard it is nice to spend time with your family. It is what it is all about.

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P.S. Proof of the tortoise below (ridden by my daughter Imaani)

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