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Clinical negligence fixed costs set for October 2024

The latest news is that fixed recoverable costs for low-value clinical negligence claims are now likely to come into force in October 2024.

It was initially expected that the introduction of FRC’s for low-value clinical negligence claims up to £25,000.00 would be implemented this month, but it has now been reported that due to some outstanding issues which need to be resolved these are now likely to be introduced in October 2024.

The Civil Procedure Rule Committee which published the minutes of March’s meeting had previously warned the government back in July 2023 that there may be some difficulty in meeting the planned timetable.

Although we may see fixed costs for low-value clinical negligence claims sooner than the October 2024 date, it is not off the cards that a further extension for their introduction may occur as a result of many unanswered questions on how these reforms will work.

Clinical negligence is one of the last remaining areas of personal injury claims in which the legal costs recoverable from the defendant are not currently fixed.

It appears inevitable that low-value clinical negligence claims will at some point form part of the fixed costs regime and firms running these types of cases will need to prepare and implement controls for costs whilst at the same time delivering access to justice for their clients.

At Box Legal we are always happy to discuss ATE premiums for low-value clinical negligence policies to ensure that claimants are protected throughout their ongoing claim, with guaranteed support when needed.

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