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Clocks going back leads to more fatalities

So the clocks went back and we all had an extra hour in bed (except those with young children like me!) and we now have to get used to going home in the dark for the next 6 months. But did you know that lighter evenings means fewer accidents and darker means more?

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) estimates that the change back to Greenwich Mean Time increases the number of road accident fatalities by over 80 people each year, not to mention a huge increase in injuries. Strangely, darker mornings don't seem to have the same effect - something to do with being fresh from a night's sleep and all that coffee I suppose.

There has been a call for the UK to stick to British Summer Time to avoid this but the Government remains unconvinced. Once again the true statistics are going to be ignored so be very careful on your way home - watch out for all those tired drivers and make sure your lights are working properly.

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