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Labour hint at repeal of Jackson Reforms

In a speech by Andy Slaughter MP (who incidentally I went to Law School with!), Labour have indicated that they may look to change the CFA regulations if they win the election in May next year.

The speech at the Labour Party Conference was welcomed by the Claimant legal industry. Andy Slaughter stated that there would be no funds available to repeal the legal aid changes but that Labour would look to alter the parts of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act which relate to CFAs and which were politically motivated i.e. those parts which pander to the defendant insurance industry.

Of course we all know which bits he means - the recoverability of the CFA success fee and the After the Event Insurance policy from the defendant.

Repealing these parts would be very easy to achieve - and in one fell swoop would re-establish the balance between claimants and powerful insurance companies. These changes could be brought about very quickly and without cost to the Government coffers.

If Labour do win the election, I would urge the vote to take place as soon as possible on this issue. I would also suggest the rule change should apply to the date of accident and not, as the present Government insisted, the date of the CFA and After the Event Insurance policy. The accident date is fixed and so this is a safe reference point for all concerned.

Roll on 7th May....

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