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Lord Jackson Submits His Own Response to Consultation

Lord Justice Jackson has sumitted a response to the consultation on implementing his own proposed reforms!

Not surprisingly, he thinks his proposals are still brilliant - the best thing since sliced bread.

Download his letter to Ken Clarke and his submission here:

We are working our way through it but one obvious poser - if you turn to the back, there is a nice little graph showing how the majority of claimants will be better off (taking into account more damages less success fees etc). Lord Jackson's starting point for his report is that the balance for claims is currently tipped unfairly towards the claimants and the poor old PLC insurance companies are being treated unfairly. So answer me this:

If Jackson is proposing one way costs shifting so claimants won't face any costs risk (the MoJ have said this will increase the number of claims made) AND claimants are going to be on average better off (see the graph), how does that make things more fair on the defendants? I can't work it out. Can anyone help me? 

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