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The Hidden Wounds of War - Military hearing loss.

When most people think about injuries that service personnel may suffer from, limb loss or PTSD will likely spring to mind.  An important health issue that is often overlooked is hearing loss.

According to a news source, more than 10,000 people are reported to be suing the Ministry of Defence for military deafness.

Military deafness claims can be a result of service personnel being exposed to high levels of noise in firing exercises and drills, due to a failure to provide proper training or protective equipment or negligent exposure to excessive noise.

It is thought that there have been around 10,000 claims against the MoD, with 3,500 pursued by Hugh James solicitors and another 18 law firms are reported to be dealing with at least 7,000 more.

Figures released show that the MoD has paid out £95 million in nine years for hearing loss and tinnitus.

In the past couple of years the MoD was fined more than a million pounds after two Royal Marine veterans won £500,000 and £700,00 in compensation in the High Court.

The consequences of living with limited or lost hearing is life life-changing and for military service personnel often lead to a premature end of a devoted career.

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