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Moving House Without Risk

Guess what I am doing at the moment [a clue is in the title]. I have to say, all those purveyors of doom are right. Moving house is incredibly stressful.

The problem is that there are so many factors to keep track of: the children's schooling, location in relation to the children's school, selling your home for the best price, finding a home, removals, stamp duty (!) etc.

Not only is it an expensive business but you have to do all of this whilst looking over your shoulder for gazumpers or a collapsing chain. If I had any hair it would have fallen out by now...

So what can be done to make the whole moving house procedure less stressful? A reliable solicitor is a good starting point i.e. one who is on the ball, pushing the parties and providing updates. Not all solicitors do this. We are fortunate to have found one of these so at least we have someone trying to get the completions sorted out rather than just being a robotic form filler.

The other thing is, we are insuring the transaction with our very own MoveSafe policy! Why? Well, we don't want to be out of pocket if the whole thing falls through. When you have a chain and a rapidly moving market then there are quite a few things that can go wrong. When they do, it costs money. A lot of money. We have been caught once before and don't want it happening again.

So, I am taking advantage of the insurance which we developed ourselves. Must be good then wouldn't you think?

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