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What's in a number?

We don't often crow about our business - we prefer to to a good job and then (hopefully) let others do the talking however, sometimes it is appropriate to blow your own trumpet. So here goes.

We have just signed up the 200th firm to our insurance scheme (quickly followed by no. 201) and the 5th new firm this week - and it is only Wednesday. I suspect this is mainly due to the excellent work our team are doing including Jon our in-house legal expert (the person who visits firms), Roger who is revamping all of our websites plus of course Kirsten who handles marketing. When she suggested we put an advert on the side of a taxi, we were not 100% convinced but our profile has definitely improved. This blog is another one of her ideas - is it a millstone for me or a chance to rant - who knows but it is being followed (why?).

We have also been getting into social networking so look for us on Twitter (105 followers and counting), Facebook and Linked-In. The more the merrier I say.

So what is in it for you all? Well, the more policies we sell, the less margin we need to make on each one so the less premium can be charged. With increased business we can keep our premiums down which is good for clients, solicitors and defendants.

Roll on firm number 250. Only 49 more to go....

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