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Postcards from an Ice Rink in England

So Daniel has left for sunnier shores and I expect as I write this is currently sipping drinks out of coconuts.  A close shave with the airport closing due to snow, but I think the possibility of having to return to Muswell Hill and write a blog stating he wasn’t in the place beginning with M and ending with aldives helped propel the airport into gear! Not that I’m jealous, with mounds of snow and the prospect of more, who wouldn’t want to be in the winter wonderland that is Manchester this Christmas.

As the Marketing Manager of Box Legal I have decided to leave the compensation culture and Lord Young and Jacksons reports for Daniel to continue with on his return. This week, I instead am going to talk about Box Legal and our current sponsorship of up and coming athlete Tom Guy.

In 2001 Daniel Morris and Simon Pinner began a search for an ATE product (After The Event Insurance) that would personally work for them. As Partners in a very busy KSB Claims firm, they needed something without administrative burden that would provide them with cover for their PI claims. On discovering this product they realised they had found something that not only improved productivity, but also meant the Solicitor could have complete control of what cases they took on.

The aims of this ATE product are straight forward:

  1. Reduce the administrative burden placed upon lawyers when filling in the form for an After The Event Insurance policy,

  2. Give the lawyer complete control of his own caseload

  3. To have an insurer that pays claims in full quickly, every time, without asking for a file

  4. To have only a small amount of reporting to complete.

The result is Box Legal, and the rest as they say is history. For more information about our After the Event Insurance Products please go to our website

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