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Spam Fritters ATE My Hamster

Yes well, it worked for The Sun (or something similar). I remember when spam meant something completely different. I used to enjoy it made into fritters and served with chips and baked beans. Difficult to get it in cafes these days.

Now spam of course means rubbish emailed to you by robots (or worse - deliberately by marketing people). We thought we had cracked it by adding a difficult bit of maths to complete (6+4 = ? etc) before someone could post a comment but as of yesterday, it seems someone has managed to program a computer to work out these problems. So today I was faced with 56 comments to look at, all of them pointing me to some Russian website which I am sure would instantly drain my bank account should I so much as hover the mouse over the link. It's all about fooling Google I am advised - the more links appearing to that website, the higher it ranks for key words such as, I don't know, double glazing or Viagra.

Anyway - looks like we are going to have to revert to those funny handwritten letters which even humans have problem reading. Should mean I don't get any comments from now on (so that's 2 less than I have currently). Come on, isn't this blog fascinating? Doesn't the subject of law and insurance get your mouth watering? No me neither so I am open to suggestions as to topics you would like me to cover (within reason). As a friend of mine said, 'it needs sexing up a little'. Not sure how to do that with the subject matter but you never know - some bright spark may come up with some gossip or link to Lady Gaga.

Over to you....

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