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That's a wrap

Is that the correct spelling? Hopefully, people won't think I am talking about sandwiches here.

Yes it is reference to our Animation competition which we have now launched to the world. We have set up a dedicated website where you can see the rules, ask questions and (best of all) submit your entries. Don't forget the closing date is the end of July.

We want to redefine the corporate video with a fresh approach and a good dose of humour. Looks like we have trodden on a few toes though - we have already upset an animation company who say we are simply trying to get some animation done on the cheap. Well that's not entirely true - the prize fund is £2250 and we had to invest in a new website - but the point is we want to get the bedroom animator (not sure that sounds quite right) to show us what he/she can do rather than a company who (we suspect) won't be half as creative.

Anyway, we hope that the challenge will produce some clever/funny/wacky/bizarre entries about, er, After the Event Insurance. Should be interesting....

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