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Welcome to our New After The Event Insurance Website

Well this isn't it of course but you can check it out here:

First, a big thanks to Roger and Kirsten - our two website and marketing gurus who have worked very hard to get the site up and running. A big thanks also to Surefire Media who did all the programming. We are pleased with the result but you be the judge.

So what's new? Well, it obviously looks different and more modern - you can expand various boxes and even check out our photos. The really clever bits though are in the secure area - you will have to be one of our After The Event Insurance panel firms to have a look but suffice it to say - it's the dogs er, dangly bits. You can look at all of your ATE Insurance policies, request amendments, put in claim forms, print policy documentation, run reports, customise your view etc etc.

This has been my excuse why I have been very quiet on the old blog posting but no more get out clauses. Now that this major project is out of the way, I shall concentrate more on keeping you informed about the industry. I shall start with Lord Jackson and the progress of the Legal Aid and Sentancing bill through parliament. Just as long as Christmas doesn't get in the way.

And that reminds me - last Christmas I told a joke so I shall try to come up with something equally amusing to give you some ammo that isn't from a cracker.

Over and out.



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