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When delay can affect the time limits for Will validity claims. James v Scudamore [2023]

Whilst claims which challenge the validity of a person’s will do not have a limitation period any delay in bringing a probate claim may lead to the claim being barred.

The case of James v Scudamore is the leading authority on when a probate claim will be barred by delay. 

This case concerned a codicil that was executed by the deceased on Boxing Day and which benefitted the deceased’s wife.  The deceased died in 2010 and in 2013 the claimant who was one of the deceased’s sons, alleged that the codicil was not property executed.  However, he waited until 2020 to issue the claim.  By this time the wife and one of the attesting witnesses had died.

The judge did not accept the claimant’s reasons for waiting and was satisfied that the probate claim was time-barred by the operation of an equitable defence known as “laches”. 

The relevant factors in James v Scudamore which led to the claim being barred by laches were:

  1. The Claimant had taken legal advice and instructed solicitors to investigate his claim in 2013 (seven years before his claim was issued);
  2. The deceased’s second wife had acted to her detriment by making a will that benefitted the claimant’s children, and by distributing her late husband’s estate;
  3. The interest of justice has suffered as the best evidence had been lost through the death of witnesses, the destruction of documents and the effects of time on the memory of those who were able to give evidence.

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