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Why are you reading this?

My last day as a blogger for a while so I thought I’d complete my service with some further thoughts on Social Media. I recently read an article relating to social media and the most common sins. Whilst much of the article taken literally is true, I was disappointed with the authors stance and his literal take on the benefits of social media.  I will outline my point.

The author believes that there is a common misconception that social media is low budget. I would be interested in hearing why anyone has spent a huge amount of money on developing a social media strategy. It is free to sign up to twitter, Linkedin, facebook and the cost of a blog is minimal in comparison to a printed mail merge, or, sponsorship of an event.

 He also discusses how Tesco’s digital marketing officer has said they will use their digital marketing to "enrich and add value to the customer journey…” and how they should have discussed how they would use it to sell various items within their stores. Who in the current recession would be keen to hear how Tesco are planning on making us buy more. Firms are being pushed towards CSR policies, green policies and ensuring customers always receive the best possible service in the most holistic way. I do not believe for one minute that the Tesco supermarket giant has not thought this through. Of course they will use their strategy to sell more and their profits are evidence enough that this is the case, but they’re not daft enough to shout about it.

Apparently most big brands use social media because other brands are doing it. So why do we do it?

At Box Legal, we have significantly raised our profile through the use of social media (you’re reading this right?).

We are able to provide both our panel firms and possibly new firms with an insight into how we run our business. We are also able to offer advice and provide information on the various aspects of law and relevant newsworthy stories.  I believe, with the help of social media, we are able to add value to the current service we provide – all done in an eco- friendly happy way. And with that, I leave you until next time…

Nb. The article chosen for discussion is featured in Marketing Week, 28th July 2011 and is written by Mark Ritson.  

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