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Philips v Rafiq & MIB (2007)

Philips v Rafiq & MIB (2007)


The Issues:

Mr Rafiq was driving the Claimant’s uninsured car, in which the Claimant was travelling as a front seat passenger. Mr Rafiq lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the central reservation of the M25, overturning the vehicle. The Claimant suffered such serious injuries that he died in hospital later that day, and the claim was brought by his dependants. The question before the Court, was whether the MIB were exempt from paying the claim on the basis that had the Claimant survived the accident he would not have been able to recover damages from the MIB, on the basis that he allowed himself to be carried in a car which he knew, or ought to have known, was being used without proper insurance being in force (6.1(e) of the Uninsured Drivers’ Agreement).



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