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Pollard v University Hospitals (2017)

Pollard v University Hospitals (2017)

The Issues:

The Claimant had successfully pursued a personal injury claim against the defendant following a slipping accident in their car park.

The Claimant had earlier obtained a three-stage block rated ATE insurance policy, with an indemnity limit up to £100,000.00.

The Defendant had contested the level of ATE premium at first instance and this was reduced from £18,073.02 to £2,500.00, the Recorders decision appearing to be based on the assumption that there was a straight line relationship between the level of indemnity cover and the premium.

The Claimant appealed against this decision to reduce her after-the-event (ATE) insurance premium on the basis that the Recorder had erred in his approach when reducing the claimant’s ATE premium.

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