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After The Event Insurance Product Spotlight: Bespoke ATE Insurance




Bespoke ATE Insurance

As well as a range of ‘off the peg’ solutions, we also offer Bespoke After The Event Insurance policies for all types of Personal Injury Claims.

We pride ourselves on our understanding of the needs of both the solicitor and the modern law firm and it was with this in mind that we decided to offer a bespoke solution for those occasions when a standard ATE policy just doesn’t fit the bill. We understand that from time to time the necessity for an ATE policy on a particular claim may not seem apparent at the outset or simply gets overlooked.

However, you may then have found yourself regretting this decision at a later date when proceedings are issued and concerns regarding adverse costs and risk of disbursements crop up. Of course there are also cases that crop up from time to time that are complex in nature and are clearly a multitrack matter from the outset. It is for use in circumstances like these that we created our bespoke ATE policies.

To apply for a bespoke policy, all we require from our panel members is that you complete a simple on line form. We’ll be able to provide with a quote within 24hrs.

We look to provide our clients with After The Event Insurance products that both cost effective and require minimal administration.

Main benefits of Bespoke After The Event Insurance

  • Appropriate level of Indemnity to fit the case

  • Lowest simple non staged premiums available on the market

  • Quick and easy online application

  • Application assessed and decision made with 24hrs

  • No application fees required

  • Assessment of file not necessary

  • No prospects of success test

  • Claims paid in full and within 7 days on all After The Event Insurance policies

  • Cancellation allowed

  • ATE Insurance Premiums are deferred to end of case

  • All After The Event insurance policies have Part 36 cover as standard

  • Minimal Reporting on all ATE Insurance policies


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