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Getting Clients to Sign CFAs

Have you ever wondered why so many potential clients are keen as mustard for you to conduct their claim while they are on the phone and then vanish off the face of the earth as soon as you send them your client care letter, never to be heard of again?

The clue may be in the answer to the question "What’s the difference between 100% NO WIN - NO FEE” and "If you win your claim, you pay our basic charges, our disbursements and a success fee.  If you lose you remain liable for the other side’s costs?” The first part of the statement is typical of the advertising that motivates clients to call you, whereas the rest is what the CFA agreement tells them.

I was talking the other day to the head of a firm of agents (Malcolm Roberts of Beechwood Services) who visit clients in their own homes to explain and get signatures on CFA documents. They have success rates in excess of 90% compared to around 50% achieved by solicitors who post their papers out to clients.

Apparently whenever an agent meets a potential client they are always asked "how much will I get, how long will it take, and will it REALLY not cost anything?” That’s before they’ve clapped eyes on the actual papers. Just imagine what clients must think when they tear open your envelope and read the CFA? We know that the advertising is accurate, but the cynical and suspicious can easily have their worst fears confirmed by the official forms. Not that we’re biased, but if all of our solicitors had success rates of 90% we would sell an awful lot more ATE policies and we would all make a lot more money.

Just a thought. I can provide Malcolm's contact details if anyone wants to explore this further.

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