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European Court of Justice Outlaws Insurance Sex Discrimination

Well I am a bloke so this is good news for me - lower insurance premiums! Unfortunately (don't tell her I said this), I am married to a woman so my lower premiums will be balanced by her higher ones.

The European Court of Justice has today ruled that insurance companies cannot take into account the gender of the insured when setting insurance premiums as this amounts to sexual discrimination. We all know that 'boy racers' are more risky than young female drivers but now they are going to have to be treated the same if they are the same age. Makes sense when you think about it - why should the actions of some male drivers push up the premiums for the rest of the male population? Hardly fair.

The rules will come in at the end of next year to allow the insurance industry to 'adjust'. Now I am always blowing their trumpets for them but even I can see that this is an opportunity for insurance hikes across the industry. The only winners here will be the insurance companies. They will subtract x from male drivers and add 2x to female drivers making them a nice profit of, er x.

I just need to stop the Mrs from driving the car so we can gain. Maybe I could get a spider to take up residence in the glove box....

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