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Oh my days. What a week.

To say we have been busy is an understatement. Just a few days into our new financial year and we are 25% up on new policies written compared with September last year.

And that's not to mention our new website which we have been working on feverishly in the background (thanks Roger!). Or our link to a leading rehab provider  - press release to follow!

So you see, I have an excuse - of sorts. Anyway, let's have a quick round up of developments outside of Box Legal shall we?

Well, on the Jackson front, Labour MPs seem to be proposing all sorts of amendments to the Legal Aid and Sentencing Bill - with some saying they are attempting to goad the Lib Dems to vote against the Bill's passage. Anyway, no delays yet but who knows...

Defendant insurers (poor things) are meanwhile blaming claimant solicitors for just about everything. The masters of spin are saying it is the solicitors' fault that they, the insurers, are having to receive referral fees for cases - running into many millions of pounds. Good eh? If you shout something from the rooftops for long enough, some people might believe you but come on Mr Admiral? Are we really to believe that it is Mr Blogs the high street solicitor who has caused you to turn over £1 billion including tens of millions in referral fees? Mr Blogs has a lot to answer for - it is his fault that car insurance premiums are rising don't you know.

Well, the Office of Fair Trading may be investigating the rises - we shall see what they come up with but don't expect the answer to be that it is the insurers fault. Watch out Grandma Smith - it will no doubt be you who will be taking the blame.

What else? Ah yes, premium challenges. Those pesky insurers keep on claiming that clients can't take out a fixed premium After the Event insurance policy but guess what? Those nice Judges keep telling them they are wrong. It is 3 - 0 to us so far and no sign of any weaknesses. You would think they would give up - would save a fortune in legal fees but then, insurers were never short of a bob or two.

So that's all folks. Except to say, I hope to become a bit more, er, regular in future.

P.S. My niece (fresh out of university) is looking for some work experience in a law firm (there is only so much insurance a young girl can take). Any one able to help her out?

STOP PRESS: The Ministry of Justice has announced it will be banning referral fees. No timetable has been announced nor any proposals. Watch this space.

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