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Feedback & The Jackson Report

Ouch - I have just had a friend of mine comment that, although my blogs seem professional, I need to sex them up a bit. So here goes....

er, the Jackson report is a threat not only to the rights of individuals to have access to justice but also to the livelihoods of many solicitors, referrers and (you guessed it), After the Event Insurance providers up and down the country. Prior to the election, the Conservatives commented that they didn't intend to muck around with the Personal Injury Claims system but then, what do you know, as soon as they get in, it is full steam ahead with the proposals. Or is it?

Our reading of recent press comments, in particular from Parliamentary Under Secretary Jonathan Djangoly seem to indicate that the Government doesn't now intend to bring in the Jackson recommendations in full. We think this relates to abandoning one way cost shifting because, if this is brought in, defendants will become even more risk adverse (see blog 'Getting cold feet'). However, as Jonathan Djangoly is running the show regarding the proposals, perhaps we should mention his background and you can then make up your own mind as to how far he will go.

Did you know that Jonathan Djangoly is a solicitor and from 1998 to 2009, a Corporate Finance Parter at city firm S J Berwin LLP. S J Berwin's clients include (and this is the sexy bit) the Co-Operative Insurance Society (or CIS Insurance to you and me) and Axa Private Equity (linked of course to Axa Insurance). The firm even provided a trainee solicitor on secondment to work in Westminster with Mr Djangoly.

How concerned about the man in the street (or on the Clapham omnibus) do you think he will be?

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