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Finally Some Good News

The Small Claims Court Limit is not going to be increased! Hooray!

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has announced that, for once, they have listened to people who know about the law (in this instance the Transport Select Committee) and have followed their advice. In typical showmanship though, Mr Grayling fired a warning shot across the bows of the good ship 'Injury Claims' by saying 'I can't rule out a small claims rise in the future'.

So that's settled then. No rise for now but watch out - as soon as Cameron has another cosy tea party with the Insurers, changes will be afoot.

All good then? Well strangely yes. Case numbers have increased for most firms we have visited - with solid numbers across the board. Almost every firm has also seen the light and have decided to insure all of their cases to avoid Part 36 risks and being left landed with a heap of disbursement write-offs. Couple this with our knock down prices which means new enquiries are on the up, and the future is indeed bright - not Orange as such but slightly pink I think.

I'm now off for a lie down. I can't take all of this excitement.

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