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Happy New Year!

Nope - I've not gone mad. The reason I have been quiet for a week is that Box Legal has just finished it's year end and so today is our 9th accounting year!

Now for After the Event Insurers, 9 years is a long time. When we started out, the market was very different with fewer players (and cowboys!) around. Now it is a cutthroat business and, with Jackson looming, it is getting even more so.

But we are still here and in fact, we have had a record year.

Record new policy numbers, record number of policies paid in a year and in a single month (June) and record new sign ups!

So we must be doing something right. Kirsten, our marketing guru, has been re-visiting 2 or 3 firms a week since joining us last year and, the consensus from our panel is, we provide a good service. This not only includes speed of response and the ease at which policies can be requested, but also low admin and full legal support services.

Now I am not one for blowing my own trumpet but with a growing team here, I would like to blow er, theirs. We have a great bunch working for us and our success is largely down to them. So thank you to everyone and long may it continue.

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