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I've just read the consultation paper

...and now have a headache. It's 90 pages long (101 if you include the list of questions at the back) and a bit of a strange beast. If it were an animal, I would say it would be a duck billed platypus - a bit of a muddle.

There is a lot to digest in particular of course the proposals concernting After the Event Insurance (ATE Insurance) but the overall impression is that, just like a playground gossip, the Government supports Lord Jackson's report in a loud voice but then, when his back is turned, whispers that they aren't all that happy with quite a lot of it (indeed they have been forced to suggest some of their own alternatives to his proposals). Which is strange because there are a number of ministerial statements supporting the report in full not least Lord Young and his analysis of the 'Compensation Culture'.

It is going to take quite a few days to analyse and report back but we have until Valentine's Day to do it so do bear with me.

My prepartions to take my wife away for a romantic weekend can wait.

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