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La Belle et la Bête et Box Legal

A Monday morning without rain and a hint of a blue sky and sun. Kind of makes it a little easier to take – especially in Manchester when a Monday morning with rain is standard. I had a quiet weekend, my niece and nephew – 5 and 3 respectfully, are over from France for two weeks. They are extremely conscious of the fact that we don’t speak French and whilst they will happily chatter in French to each other, they are always keen to explain in English their discussion. Whilst this is very open and honest, it can get a little embarrassing in company, when a 5 year old has to patiently explain the importance of something that has been said on Beauty and the Beast…

So what has this to do with ATE you ask? Well a possible tenuous link could be the openness of such a situation and the honesty of a Box Legal After The Event Insurance policy. At Box Legal, we never ask for a file if you lose a case. We are conscious of the fact that as a Solicitor, you are the ones qualified to make the decision whether to run the case or not and with a legal background, we are also aware that things can go wrong. Any claim you make is always paid out within 7 days. Our whole scheme is similar and very open. With minimal administration, we place you, the Solicitor back in control of your own case – as it should be. For more information about our ATE policies, give us a call or visit our website .  So a little bit of blatant publicity this morning. Why not! I also gave you the added bonus of a weather report, and you can’t have everything for free.

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