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Not about After the Event Insurance but a Word of Warning Part 2

Did you read all about the incident with my car? []

Well, you know I said the Police couldn't be less interested? Well I was wrong in a way. I got a call this morning from Hampshire Police to say that they had just found my car! The car was in good condition except for all of the identity marks (chassis numbers etc) which have been changed. It was in a holding yard at the dock ready to be shipped to Cyprus. So you see, they do it back to front - catch the car first then (with luck) the thieves.

The Police are now doing some forensics to try and find the culprits and the chap who bought the car (no doubt in a pub somewhere) is going to be somewhat out of pocket, or in prison. One of the two.

My insurers get the car back and so everyone is ok.

Well no. You see, although Esure are going to get virtually all of their money back, they still count it as a full claim so have cancelled my policy. As I had just put the car on cover, that means I have lost a years worth of insurance. Add to that the fact that I can no longer protect my no claims bonus (two claims in last 3 years - the Mrs rearranging a parked car being claim no. 2), various personal items lost in the car which aren't recoverable, and the fact that our premiums have now risen, we are considerably out of pocket.

So I am crossing my fingers that PC Plod catches the little bar stewards. I would dearly love to look them in the eye in an identity parade.

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