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PI Fire Sale - Last Few Days Left

Bit dramatic I know but it is effectively what the Government is trying to do. All submissions on the Jackson consultation must be in by 14th February and after that they will reply in the spring with details of how they are going to decimate the industry.

I may sound bitter (still recovering from spending 12 hours in Terminal 4 - more later) but we have a fight on our hands here. It is extremely important that everyone submits their comments to the MoJ so that they don't just receive reports from large organisations. I have included a link to the consultation below and details of where to send it.

The consulation is long and a lot of it won't apply to your firm but some bits will. Simply write a reply refering to the numbered parts of the consultation you wish to comment upon - there is no need to reply to all of it! We need to back up comments made with hard facts - example cases where your input was crucial and statistics for cases. We also need information about the RTA portal. Is it working? Do you have examples of abuse from defendant insurers? The more details the better.

Please don't leave the submissions for APIL or MASS - your input is very important and may sway the MoJ to be more generous to you and your clients. Don't allow yourself to think you are too busy to do this - spending half a day on this now could save your success fees on all of your future cases. This is much more important to your business than Mr Smith's witness statement which can wait until tomorrow.

The consulation document is here: Proposals for reform of civil litigation funding and costs

Once you have written your submission send it recorded delivery to:

Annette Cowell
Ministry of Justice
Postpoint 4.42
102 Petty France
London SW1H 9AJ

May the force be with you.

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