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The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

So bye bye Ken Clarke. In his re-shuffle, our PM has announced that Ken Clarke will be put out to grass (otherwise known as 'Ministry Without Portfolio').

Cameron has also got rid of our old friend, the grinning Cheshire Cat (otherwise know as Mr Jingle Jangly). Jonathon Jingle Jangly may have been sent to the back benches because of his number of gaffs and his sickening performance in the House of Commons where he was seen grinning and laughing like a spoilt school boy when the serious issue of Industrial Disease claims were being debated. Some good news then. Everyone gets their comeuppance in the end.

So who do we have now?

Well some chap called Christopher Grayling.

'Who he?' I hear you cry.

Well - let's just suppose the country was facing one of the most important upheavils in civil and criminal law for a generation. Who would you need to steady the ship and listen with a trained ear to both sides of the debate?

That's right, someone with no understanding of law or the legal profession at all - a former broadcaster. This is the first time in the modern era that a non-lawyer has been given the job of Lord Chancellor. Chris Gayling also used to be a management consultant - and we all know what job they do don't we? What is the expression - 'Jack of all trades, etc'

It's like asking a sailor to fly a plane. Brilliant.

So will things change? Do you want my view?

Well - we all know that civil servants really run ministries - so no - nothing is going to change but, maybe things will slow down a bit. There is a lot for the new Lord Chancellor to get to grips with and understand. Let's face it, some solicitors don't understand the changes so it may take him some time to sign off on the new rules etc.

We can but hope.

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