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The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Did you hear Jack Straw and a chap from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) on the Today programme this morning? No? Well, it went something like this:

Jack Straw's friend had an accident about 6 months ago - no injuries and everything paid for by the other driver. He then started to get calls from Claims Management Companies asking him it he wanted to claim for Personal Injury. This went on for some time. The friend asked Jack Straw to find out how the Claims Companies got hold of the information about his accident. Well, after some digging, what do you know? The friend's own insurance company admitted that they had sold the information to the claims management companies.

So there you have it - proof that the so called compensation culture is the fault of the defendant insurance industry and not due to adverts on TV. This is what we and many other companies in the know have been saying for some time - backed up by the data of course which shows all types of accident numbers reducing save for motor claims.

On the Today programme, the ABI representative got a real grilling from John Humphries (for it is he). The ABI's justification for the practice is - wait for it - 'if the insurers didn't do it then everyone else would so the insurers at least make money out of it'. Well this isn't bourne out by the figures - as stated above. Clearly this practice is driving motor claims higher. It should be banned.

When is the Government going to wake up and realise that they are being bamboozled by some very clever lobbying by the defendant insurance industry.


4.50pm Update: I have found the discussion on the BBC Website. Click here to listen:

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