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Things are hotting up

Just back from southern Turkey. Now I was expecting it to be warm - the forecast was around 32 degrees. This level of sun I can cope with - after all we had 2 days of these temperatures here (otherwise known as our summer).

Anyway, dead on the money - it was 32 degrees - on Friday. It then jumped 10 degrees in a day to 42 degrees on Saturday. This was a shock. If you ventured outside, it was like having a sauna in your clothes. Lovely.

So what has all this to do with After the Event Insurance or PI claims? Not a great deal but just a tenuous link to the state of things with (a) Jackson and (b) referral fees and a general round up.

It looks like the newspapers (what's left of them) have the bit between their teeth about referral fees and insurance companies. We also had Panorama last night telling us that a lot of the PI industry is made up of scams and fake crashes and the Law Society coordinating a backlash against the Jackson Reforms. Amongst all of this, is the Government really going to force through a set of rules that only the defendants say will work? You bet.

Now you remember my questions to Jaggard and Axa?  Jaggards: 'How can costs be rising if RTA claim costs are fixed' and Axa 'What do your panel of solicitors taking PI claims from you [now without a fee] do for free in return'). Well,  I have had very few replies from either of them. Now when I say 'very few' I mean zero. Come on - they are straight forward questions and we should be told. Anyone else have the answers?

I think I preferred Turkish heat. Unpredictable maybe but up front and in your face.

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