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Remember the Nissan Micra saga?

Well, I managed to get into to it and take it to get an MOT (there and back without passing GO as no road tax!) and eventually put it up for sale on Autotrader. I did some research about the price but must have pitched it a bit low because within 10 minutes I had 2 calls and the second chap bought it over the phone before he had even seen it! What's more, he paid a £200 deposit straight into my account and arranged to come down from Newcastle at the weekend to pick the car up (that's a 500 mile round trip).

Talk about trust.

Now I like to think it is because I was 100% up front about the car and had an honest sounding voice on the telephone (I didn't mention I was a lawyer in case that put him off). If you ask my friends if you can trust me I think they would say yes.

What if the question was 'Do you trust the Government'? Now I am not generally a sceptic but I suspect the majority would answer 'no' to that question. So if the question was, 'Do you trust the Ministry of Justice Government Department' then I suspect again the answer would be 'no'.

If you DO trust the Ministry of Justice then good news! All you have to do is wait until the summer to hear how they are going to change litigation and of course get it right for everyone. If like me however you don't think you can trust them, you need to give them your opinion in the form of the Jackson Consultation response.

I know I have been banging on about this for ages but you now only have until Monday so send something in to the MoJ to ensure your voice is heard. If you don't and it turns out you shouldn't have trusted them, don't start moaning to me.

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