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Rupert and his link with Box Legal

Daniel will be back to his blog on Monday with words of wisdom. Until then I will continue with my tenuous linkage… Some would say the silly season is upon us in the world of journalism, but with resignations from Rebekah Brooks and the Murdochs appearing in front of the Commons Culture committee, how could anyone not find the recent media compelling. In his interview with the Wall Street Journal, Murdoch commented that he thought News Corp had handled the situation extremely well but changed this statement in front of MPs telling them this was the humblest day of his career.  With investigations still on going into the hacking of phones, the integrity that I’m sure  these journalists once held true, has now disappeared. I heard someone say that you only own one thing in life and that’s your integrity. Once you lose this you can never get it back.

So let me apply integrity to ATE Companies. On my weekly visit to our various panel members, I hear many stores about other After the Event Insurance Companies. How they have approached our clients and tried to poach them using various manipulative ways. I also hear about ATE companies that firms have worked with over a number of years, never claiming anything until that one case falls. Rather than thanking them for the good business by paying out immediately, they ask for a copy of the file to try to avoid paying that claim. At Box Legal we are very open about our scheme, we work closely with our panel members to ensure we give them the best possible service. We pay out claims in full within 7 days. Box Legal is run with integrity and with the interests of our firms at the forefront of our business. Can your After the Event Insurance Company say the same?

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